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Having marketed and sold almost 700 houses in the Austin area, the Laurie Flood Team has the experience and tools to net sellers the most money while making the process as smooth and convenient as possible. Most Realtors rely on their own limited skill set and schedule to try and list, coordinate repairs/inspections, photograph, stage, market, negotiate and close a house.

The Laurie Flood Team utilizes a team concept bringing together a group of specialists to handle each aspect of the transaction. Like a symphony conductor, Laurie Flood coordinates their efforts into a seamless experience requiring minimal effort from the seller.

Every seller is unique. Besides the traditional sales process, the Laurie Flood Team also offers the following exclusive seller programs. Depending on the circumstance, these programs could be a better fit than the traditional sales process.

If you’ve been considering selling your house, please reach out to us. We’d love to find out what you’re trying to accomplish and see what we can do to help.

Exclusive Seller Programs from the Laurie Flood Team

Get cash to buy a new home before selling your current house

Prepare your house to sell, don't pay until closing

Get a cash offer for your house

Want to Know the Value of Your Home?

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The Laurie Flood Team is one of the top teams of real estate professionals in Austin. We have helped hundreds of families buy and sell their homes over the past 15 years, and would be honored to help you find your next home as well!

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