Selling Your HomeLaurie Flood Team

A professional Realtor’s job is not to give design advice, take pretty pictures or create colorful flyers. Those jobs are better left to professionals who do nothing but those things. A Realtor’s job is to be an expert on the market, on real estate rules, on communication, on negotiation and most importantly on their CLIENTS!

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The only way to be an expert on anything is to have A LOT of experience. For the past five years, Laurie has averaged one sale a week! Not only does that make her an expert Realtor but it also means that she has worked with many contractors, designers, inspectors, lenders and title companies. After 11 years in real estate she has narrowed it down to the very best in Central Texas. This is the team of experts Laurie relies on to do their job so she can concentrate on her clients.

Here are some of the many experts Laurie provides for her clients:

1) Professional designer/home staging consultant to come out to your property and work with you on specific suggestions and on the spot changes as well as additional improvements to maximize the appeal of your property to buyers. (included when you list with Laurie)

2) Contractors who can get repairs completed before your home goes on the market – roofers, painters, flooring, landscapers, plumbers, electrical, etc.

3) Professional photographer to create a virtual tour and video of your property including dozens of photographs and multiple ‘180 and 360 degree spins’ to showcase the best your home has to offer. (included when you list with Laurie)

4) Property marketing specialist to create full color flyers, home feature lists, home showcase binders (showcasing the neighborhood), web listings for your home on all the major real estate websites and email blasts to the realtors’ offices closest to your property. (included when you list with Laurie)

5) Home inspectors and energy auditors who make the necessary inspections for buyers and sellers and are required by city ordinances.

6) Contract to Close service who works with the mortgage and title company to ensure that everything is moving along in the closing process and quickly find any ‘surprises’ in the process that could delay or even prohibit the closing. (included when you list with Laurie)

7) Mortgage brokers to fit the customer’s needs. Whether it’s investor loans, multi-family properties, borrowers with imperfect credit, foreclosure and short sale properties, jumbo loans, or VA and FHA loans, Laurie can recommend specific brokers who have given the best rates and had the most success with making these different types of loans.

8) Closing officers and Title companies who have the most experience and you can depend on to make this potentially deal breaking part of process go smoothly.


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